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ADAMA's Marketing Director talks about pesticide market in Brazil

Posttime: 2020-03-20

From AgroPages Alexandre Pires is an agronomist who graduated from the Federal University of Gois. With over 20 years of experience in the agribusiness sector, he has worked in sales in all regions of Brazil. Today, he holds the position of Marketing Director at ADAMA. ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd. is one of the worlds leading crop protection companies. ...

Brazilian agrochemicals market could earn US$13.7 billion in 2019

Posttime: 2020-03-16

By Leonardo Gottems, Reporter for AgroPages The pesticide market is expected to register revenues of US$13.7 billion in 2019. The result represents a growth of 5.8% (in dollars of applied product) compared to the $12.9 billion handled in the year 2018, according to a survey by consultants, Spark Intelligence Strategy, commissioned by the National Union of th...

Regulatory clearance for sale of Nufarm Brazil and confirmation of half year guidance

Posttime: 2020-03-10

From AgroPages Nufarm advises that the General-Superintendent of the Administrative Council of Economic Defence (CADE) in Brazil has provided clearance for the sale of Nufarm Brazil to Sumitomo. CADE will shortly publish this decision in the Federal Official Gazette which will trigger a mandatory 15 day waiting period in which members of CADEs Administrative...

Novel Coronavirus | Chinese agricultural material manufacturers call for “green channel” for distribution

Posttime: 2020-03-03

From AgroPages At the moment, the containment of the novel coronavirus is a top priority in China. While acting with full strength to contain the novel coronavirus, Chinese agricultural material manufacturers are worried about the imminent spring planting. Faced with the postponement of the start of work and the ongoing control of traffic, how can agricultur...

China, India to join hands to fight worst Locust outbreak in Pakistan

Posttime: 2020-02-20

From AgroPages Pakistan declared a national emergency after the nations worst locust onslaught in two decades, which battered 40% of the crops in the country, which is already grappling with its highest inflation rate in 12 years. After considering importing insecticides from India, Pakistan may get neighbouring Chinas help in fighting one of its worst locus...

Interpretation of Global Agricultural Market Environment and Analysis of Corporate Strategies for 2019

Posttime: 2020-02-19

From AgroPages A review of the global landscape of the agribusiness industry indicates that 2019 proved to be another challenging year for the entire industry. Agribusiness still faces many challenges Climate can have an immediate impact on the agribusiness industry, which relies on good weather conditions to ensure yields. The extreme weather events seen in...

Argentine state suspends sale of agrochemicals

Posttime: 2020-02-10

By Leonardo Gottems, Reporter for AgroPages The Argentine province of La Pampa prohibited the commercialization of agrochemicals at the end of January, due to a dispute between local government and the Campo Limpio Foundation, which is in charge of recovering, recycling, reducing and reusing phytosanitary containers. A deadline of 270 days was set for the co...

FMC obtains registration extension for Avatar and Benevia insecticides in Brazil

Posttime: 2020-02-08

From AgroPages The FMC recently achieved an extension of the registration for two insecticides of the company: Avatar , to promote protection and provide a long control period for the management of caterpillars such as Spodoptera , and Benevia , to provide high efficiency on whiteflies control with multiple action, also being able to control caterpillars. Th...


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