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Cynda - First Quarter Sales Revenues

Posttime: 2019-05-10

First Quarter Sales Revenues For the first quarter, Cynda s revenues rose 15.57 percent to 361mn compared with 312mn a year ago. Profits were 40.60mn, up 40.72 percent from 28.85mn the year before Main business: Herbicide 91.46%, up 45.69% Fungicide 6.59%, up 30.94% ...

“New agrochemical law will change a lot in Brazil”, says executive director of Andef

Posttime: 2019-04-19

By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages Much will change in Brazil, if the new Agrochemicals Law is approved by the country, according to the executive director of the National Association of Plant Protection (Andef), Mrio Von Zuben. Von Zuben noted that it is time to update the nations agrochemical laws, since the existing standards are almost 30 years ...

Price & supply trend: China’s market may fluctuate and even reverse due to Xiangshui explosion

Posttime: 2019-04-13

From AgroPages The 21st March explosion at the Tianjiayi Chemical Plant in Yancheng Xiangshui Industrial Park caused heavy casualties. After the incident, nation-wide actions were immediately taken to put in place safety checks on hazardous chemical production, warehousing and transportation enterprises to identify hidden dangers. The ongoing work safety-rel...

WinField United launches E-based platform pilot for retailers, farmers to interact

Posttime: 2019-04-08

FROM AGROPAGES WinField United is piloting an entirely new way to connect with customers - and while its web-based, that farmer relationship still matters. Outside of agriculture, theres a change going on in the world of retail. Todays customers are becoming savvier at using web-based tools for buying, and theyre seeking a different level of customer service...

Major explosion accident occurred at a chemical plant in Jiangsu, China

Posttime: 2019-04-04

FROM AgroPages At about 14:48 pm on March 21, an explosion occurred in Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Chenjiagang Town, Xiangshui County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. The explosion caused major deaths and injuries. The accident has caused great attention from the central government and rescue operations are being carried out. Jiangsu Ti...

Red Surcos prepares to launch first fungicide with nanotechnology in South America

Posttime: 2019-03-20

By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages Red Surcos - the largest manufacturer of agrochemicals in Argentina - is preparing to introduce the first fungicide with nanotechnology in South America. The product, called Acento Induxor, will be a blend of the active ingredients azoxystrobin and tebuconazole, and will provide preventive and curative effects. Acc...

Trends in the adoption of genetically engineered corn, cotton, and soybeans

Posttime: 2019-03-16

from AgroPages A genetically engineered (GE) plant has had DNA inserted into its genome using laboratory techniques. Some of the first GE crops were created by inserting genes from the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) into corn and cotton plants. Bt produces a natural insecticide, so this insertion created crops that were insect resistant. GE herbi...

FMC to introduce two new herbicide modes of action in next decade

Posttime: 2019-03-16

from AgroPages In a world where resistant weeds run rampant, one chemical company is bringing relief to corn, soybean and rice farmers. FMC will introduce a novel rice herbicide and a corn and soybean herbicide in the next five to ten years. When we say new mode of action, it means theres not a product on the market today for that crop or that use, says Kath...


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