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Reduction of the Chinese supply of agricultural pesticides puts at risk Brazilian agriculture, warns CCAB Agro

Posttime: 2019-07-19

From AgroPages At an event in China, the Brazilian company made up of farmers emphasized the countrys competitive differentials in food production, and the cooperative model that makes the company the largest cooperative platform in Latin America. The competitive differentials, or strengths of Brazilian agribusiness, the agricultural cooperatives and the cha...

Brazil's market share of China soybean exports soars to 75%

Posttime: 2019-07-17

From AgroPages Agri-Pulse reports: U.S. soybean exports to China have been unusually strong over the past several months, but theyre still nowhere near the pace they were before the trade war and Brazil appears to be cementing its dominance. Prior to the trade war, Brazil owned only about 30% of Chinas soybean demand from October through May in 2016-17, abou...

Pesticide residues in food: what's the picture in the EU?

Posttime: 2019-07-08

FROM AGROPAGES According to the 2017 European Union report on pesticide residues in food published by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), 95.9% of the 88,247 food product samples analysed fell within the legal limits of pesticide residues (84,627, samples). In 54.1% of the tested samples, no quantifiable residues were reported (residue levels below the li...

For the first time, Don Mario’s soybean varieties were planted in China

Posttime: 2019-07-04

From AgroPages Last week, the team of Don Mario ended the planting of its soybean varieties in the North of China, the biodiversity origin region of this specie. Some time ago we decided to be in all the soybean producer countries. We started in Latin America, and continue in the US, Canada, Europe and Russia. And we considered that it was time to landing in...

Brazil authorizes 31 more agrochemical registrations in May 2019

Posttime: 2019-06-19

By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) of Brazil registered 31 agrochemicals in May ( see list here ). In total, 169 products were authorized in 2019, representing 37.5% of what was released in 2018, when 450 products received a commercial license from the Brazilian government. However, in 2019, n...

Northeast China expands soybean cultivation, reduces reliance on US imports

Posttime: 2019-06-19

China has been expanding the amount of land used to grow soybeans and diversifying its source of imports to reduce reliance on imports from the US - its second-largest supplier - amid a yearlong trade war between the worlds two largest economies. In Northeast China, the soybean planting season is nearing an end. In Heilongjiang Province, a northeastern regio...

Trump removes India from special trade status,pesticides affected

Posttime: 2019-06-06

FROM AGROPAGES The Trump administration announced Friday that its ending special trade treatment for India, removing a status that exempts billions of dollars of the countrys products from US tariffs. I have determined that India has not assured the United States that India will provide equitable and reasonable access to its markets, President Donald Trump sa...

CCAB launches Cropline platform to extend operations in Brazil

Posttime: 2019-06-05

From internet The Brazilian Agricultural Cooperatives Company (CCAB Agro) has launched Cropline, an access platform for non-shareholder farmers, extending its operations from the center-west of Brazil to the southern and southeastern states of the country. CCAB aims to strengthen its role of representation in agriculture. The company evolved from a small gro...


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