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Brazil will have integrated system

Posttime: 2019-03-16

from AgroPages The three agencies responsible for the registration of agrochemicals in Brazil signed a technical cooperation agreement for the development of the Integrated System of Agrochemicals (SIA). The goal of this unification is to shorten the registration deadlines for new active ingredients or post-patent generic products. Currently, the average tim...

Brazil breaks record in registrations of low toxicity biopesticides

Posttime: 2019-03-16

From AgroPages The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA) announced a record number of registrations of low toxicity agricultural pesticides, which are less damaging to human health. Not less than 52 new biopesticide products were released, out of a total of 450 registered last year. Compared with 2017, there was a 30% increase o...

Uncertainties in US-China Trade War Cause Anxiety among Global Soybean Industry

Posttime: 2019-03-16

from AgroPages In April 2018, the US government released a list of Chinese goods that may be subjected to new tariffs, and the Chinese government quickly counterattacked and decided to impose tariffs on the US-origin soybeans, automobiles, chemicals and other goods, which initiated the US-China trade war. Soybeans, as a very important bulk agricultural produ...

Mitsui and ISK jointly invest in Ouro Fino Quimica in Brazil

Posttime: 2019-03-16

From AgroPages Mitsui Co., Ltd., (Mitsui, Head Office: Tokyo; President and CEO: Tatsuo Yasunaga) and Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Ltd., (ISK, Head Office: Osaka; President and CEO: Kenichi Tanaka), have made the decision to jointly acquire 25% of shares of Ouro Fino Quimica Ltda (Ourofino), a Brazilian agrochemical company, and for this have signed a binding shar...

Brazil Anvisa evaluates company using thiram in seed treatment before final decision on reevaluation

Posttime: 2019-03-16

By Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages The Brazilian National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance (Anvisa) made a technical visit to a company (whose name was not revealed) to verify how seeds were treated with a product made using the fungicide thiram. The aim of the government agency was to gather information and data for its decision on the re-evaluation...

Conab lowers Brazil's soybean production to 118.8 million

Posttime: 2019-03-16

Author: Michael Cordonnier/Soybean Corn Advisor, Inc. Agropage In their latest assessment of the 2018/19 Brazilian soybean crop, Conab lowered their estimate 1.2 million tons from the previous month to 118.8 million tons. That would now put the crop smaller than last years record crop when 119.4 million tons were produced. The 2018/19 soybean acreage in Braz...

Vietnam bans chlorpyrifos-ethyl and fipronil products

Posttime: 2019-03-16

from AgroPages The Vietnams Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has recently issued a decision to remove plant protection products containing chlorpyrifos-ethyl and fipronil from the list of those allowed for use in Vietnam. Plant protection products containing the two active ingredients will only be produced and imported for the maximum duration o...

Their Soybeans Piling Up, Farmers Hope Trade War Ends Before Beans Rot

Posttime: 2019-03-16

from magazine This is harvest season in the rich farmlands of the eastern Dakotas, the time of year Kevin Karel checks his computer first thing in the morning to see how many of his soybeans Chinese companies have purchased while he was sleeping. Farmers here in Cass County have prospered over the last two decades by growing more soybeans than any other coun...


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