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ABOUT US / Brief introduction
 Founded in 1998, Shandong CYNDA (Group) Co., Ltd is one of leading agro-chemical companies in China. We owned three production base (Boxing Cynda , Weifang Cynda and Liaoning Cyand) and one sales window (Jinan Cynda). We are expert in Imidazolinone herbicides (Imazethapyr, Imazapyr, Imazaquin, Imazapic and Imazamox) and cyclohexdione herbicides (Clethodim and Sethoxydim), Clomazone, and Dimethomorph etc.
Our turnover has been growing rapidly during last few years and exceeded US$ 150 million in 2017. Cynda is certificated by ISO-2000-2001, ISO14001 and OHS18001. Based on advanced analytical instruments and QA system, we promise to provide high quality products and best services to our clients.


Head office: D/6th floor Yinhe Building, 2008 Xinluo Road, Jinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jinan city, Shandong province, P. R. CHINA

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