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China’s GM seeds to be commercialized

Posttime: 2023-01-19

Chinas Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently held a GMO validation meeting, covering some 20 product varieties. If the seed varieties are finally approved, a pilot sale of GM maize seeds may begin in the first quarter of 2023. According to the latest industry information, 18 trait varieties are about to be announced. Currently, the GM industry i...

Bill creates a tax on agrochemicals and non-biological fertilizers in Argentina

Posttime: 2023-01-10

Deputies allied with the Argentine government presented a bill that created a tax on agrochemical products and synthetic fertilizers. Taxation establishes a staggered and progressive rate according to the products classification by the toxicity level, starting with 10% of the products value. According to the parliamentarians, the objective was to promote agr...

Brazil: Registration of low-impact pesticides broke new record in 2022

Posttime: 2023-01-09

Of the total number of products registered in the year, 79 are destined for organic agriculture, according to first-hand information obtained by AgroPages from the Department of Plant Health and Agricultural Inputs of the Secretariat for Agricultural Defense. On the last day of 2022, 55 more formulated products were registered, 27 of which were low-impact pr...

India 'deeply engaged' in developing GM seeds for 13 crops

Posttime: 2022-12-26

Indian institutions are deeply engaged in the development Of genetically modified seeds for 13 crops, including rice, wheat and sugarcane to improve their yield and quality, the government said on last Friday. The environment ministry in October granted clearance for indigenously developed GM mustard seeds, potentially paving the way for a commercial release...

U.S. EPA aims to cancel last food use registrations for chlorpyrifos

Posttime: 2022-12-15

The last remaining registrations that allow chlorpyrifos to be used on food crops would be canceled under a pair of notices the U.S. EPA is proposing, a move that would end food uses of a pesticide the agency says harms children. The Environmental Protection Agencys effort comes as industry groups fight in court for what they describe as a vitally important ...

Use of Glyphosate not banned in India: India’s Agriculture Minister

Posttime: 2022-12-14

Reaffirming the status of Glyphosate in India, the Agriculture Minister, Mr. Narendra Singh Tomar clarified that the agrochemical Glyphosate is not banned in India. He clarified this while answering a question in Parliament related to the status of Glyphosate in India, its effect on Humans and Animals, and steps taken to stop its manufacturing. He said, Pest...

Mexico delays ban on GMO corn imports to 2025, other changes may be coming

Posttime: 2022-12-12

Mexico economy minister signals new decree coming for GMO imports; U.S. meeting could happen next week. Mexican Secretary of Economy Raquel Buenrostro told reporters in Mexico Wednesday the decree to bar imports of GMO crops into Mexico will be pushed back to 2025, adding the country is looking to put together a plan that will make clearer the presidential d...

First three quarters: Chinese pesticide production showing ″double decline,″ production in Jiangsu and Shandong rising against adverse situation

Posttime: 2022-11-25

According to data of the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics, from January to September 2022, the cumulative production of chemical pesticide technical (converted to 100% active ingredients) in China was 1.9174 million tons, which is a cumulative decrease of 1.9% year on year; The average production of the month was 193,000 tons, down 2.6% month on month. ...


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