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U.S. EPA confirms bee-killing neonicotinoid insecticides threaten extinction for more than 200 endangered species

Posttime: 2023-05-09

Three of the most widely-used neonicotinoid insecticides are putting more than 200 endangered species at risk of extinction, according to a new analysis issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA analysis shows that clothianidin, thiamethoxam, and imidacloprid are exacerbating extinction risks for an array of endangered species, including e...

European Commission bans Ukrainian grain export to five EU countries

Posttime: 2023-05-08

The European Commission has adopted exceptional and temporary preventive measures on imports of a limited number of products from Ukraine under the exceptional safeguard of the Autonomous Trade Measures Regulation. These measures are necessary given the exceptional circumstances of serious logistical bottlenecks experienced in five Member States. The measure...

First gene-edited soybean approved by China

Posttime: 2023-05-05

China has approved the safety of a gene-edited soybean, its first approval of the technology in a crop, as the country increasingly looks to science to boost food production. The soybean, developed by privately owned Shandong Shunfeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd, has two modified genes, significantly raising the level of healthy fat oleic acid in the plant. The s...

India’s wheat production expected to fall, wholesale prices to increase

Posttime: 2023-04-14

The ups and downs of the weather have the biggest impact on agriculture. This year, rising temperatures in February, unseasonal rain and hailstorm in March and strong winds came as a thunderclap on the hopes of wheat farmers. After this, the emergence of strong sunlight and the feeling of coolness with a fall in temperature gave hope to the expectations of t...

China buys 70% of Brazil's soybean exports

Posttime: 2023-03-29

The Brazilian president was scheduled to meet with his Chinese counterpart this week in Beijing to discuss bilateral trade issues, but President Lula had to cancel his participation due to a case of mild pneumonia. His trade team, including the Ministry of Agriculture, will continue with the trade mission and meet with President Xi Jinping. Relations between...

Brazil: Exports of agribusiness products exceed US$ 10 billion in January

Posttime: 2023-03-20

Value of foreign sales of the sector in the first month of the new government is a record of the entire historical series for the months of January. Agribusiness exports reached US$ 10.23 billion in January this year, an increase of 16.5% compared to the same month last year. According to the Secretariat of Commerce and International Relations (SCRI) of the ...

APVMA releases minor use permits for fungus, weeds

Posttime: 暂无

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has recently issued a number of minor use permits of relevance to grain growers. Minor use permits are issued by the APVMA to legalise the use of a crop protection product in situations where there is insufficient market size or economic return to attract product registrations. Such instanc...

France reverses course on banning insecticide to allow grain exports to North Africa

Posttime: 暂无

France will continue to export grain to countries in North Africa after the food safety watchdog agreed to roll back a planned ban of phosphine, an insecticide that certain countries require to be used to treat grain before it is offloaded. The agency also announced a ban on a popular herbicide that the EU suspects is carcinogenic. Anses, Frances national fo...


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