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Law passed to modernize agrochemical registration in Brazil

Posttime: 2023-11-29

The Brazilian Senate approved a bill on November 28 that modernizes the rules for approval, registration, and commercialization of agrochemicals. Bill 1,459/2022 has long been a demand from the agribusiness sector and now awaits the approval of the Brazilian president to take effect. The change aims to simplify and expedite the evaluation of new pesticides, ...

Brazil has new rules for pesticide registration

Posttime: 2023-11-23

The Brazilian government has published two new regulations that establish new rules for the registration of agricultural pesticides. The regulations are signed by the three entities responsible for the approval of technologies: the Ministry of Agriculture, Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency), and Ibama (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Ren...

EU to renew herbicide glyphosate approval for 10 years

Posttime: 2023-11-17

The European Union will extend glyphosates authorisation for 10 years, even though its member states failed to agree over the active ingredient in Bayer AGs Roundup weedkiller. Glyphosate has proved divisive since the World Health Organizations cancer research agency concluded in 2015 that it was probably carcinogenic to humans. Other agencies around the wor...

Argentine Superior Court confirms the prohibition of agrochemicals in Santa Fe

Posttime: 2023-11-09

The Supreme Court of Justice of the province of Santa Fe has prohibited the ground application of agrochemicals within 1,000 meters of the locality of Sastre. It emphasized that each community had a margin of appreciation within which the provincial law is considered tolerable. The decision from the highest court confirmed the ruling issued in 2020 when a fi...

China's annual grain output expected to hit new high, remain above 650b kg for 9th consecutive year

Posttime: 2023-10-25

Chinas annual grain output is expected to hit a record high in 2023, with a total of more than 1.3 trillion jin (650 billion kg) for the ninth consecutive year, while the output for the autumn harvest is set to increase, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said on Monday, assuring the nations food security. Most regions that produce autumn grain cr...

China approves GM corn and soy seed varieties in crop boost

Posttime: 2023-10-23

China has approved dozens of genetically modified corn and soybean seed varieties for planting, in a breakthrough move that could eventually boost production and reduce dependence on foreign supplies. The country is the worlds top importer of soybeans and corn. Large-scale marketing of GM crops would support the governments drive for food self-sufficiency an...

China approves herbicide-tolerant GM canola product for import

Posttime: 2023-10-22

Chinas agriculture ministry said on Tuesday it has approved a genetically modified herbicide-tolerant canola product for import for a five-year period. The product is a BASF herbicide-tolerant canola with the event name MS11, the ministry said in a notice on its website. The crop has been cleared for import for processing in China from Sept. 28. ...

Brazil's Conab sees record soy output and lower corn plantings as prices fall

Posttime: 2023-10-13

Brazilian farmers will harvest a record soybean crop in the new season as they are sowing the oilseed over an larger area, the governments crop agency Conab said on Tuesday in the first forecast report for the 2023/24 grain cycle. Farmers in the South American food powerhouse, which have already began planting their new soy and first corn, are expected to pr...


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