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2021/22 Soybean crop in Paraguay was worst in modern history

Posttime: 2022-04-11

Farmers in Paraguay have completed the harvest of their 2021/22 soybeans and according to the Soybean, Oilseed, and Cereal Produces Association of Paraguay (APS), this has turned out to be the worst soybean crop in the modern history of Paraguay. A severe drought during the months of December and January, coupled with record high temperatures, reduced the so...

New round of environmental compliance inspection launched in China’s five provinces

Posttime: 2022-03-25

The second round of the 6th environmental compliance regulatory action was launched with approval from the Chinese central government recently. Five inspection teams were dispatched to the five provinces (autonomous regions) of Hebei, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, Tibet and Xinjiang. During the inspection, the inspection team will inspect the implementation of ma...

China’s Heilongjiang to expand non-GMO soybean planting area, to increase production by 1.3 MT

Posttime: 2022-03-18

he General Office of Chinas Heilongjiang Provincial Government recently issued the 2022 Heilongjiang Soybean Planting Expansion Work Plan. The plan requests an increase in soybean production capacity and an increase of unit yield so that the provinces soybean planting area will reach 68.5 million mu (1 mu = 1/15 hectare). This will be an increase of more tha...

High prices lead to increase in oilseed rape acreage across Europe

Posttime: 2022-03-17

CropRadar by Kleffmann Digital has measured the cultivated oilseed rape areas in the top 10 countries in Europe. In January 2022, rapeseed can be identified on more than 6 million ha in these countries While there were only two countries, Ukraine and Poland, with a cultivation area of more than 1 million ha in the 2021 harvest year,there are four countries t...

Brazilian soybean agrochemical market value reaches R$31.4 billion

Posttime: 2022-03-14

The Brazilian market for agricultural pesticides used on soybeans earned an income of R$31.4 billion in the 2020-2021 season, according to a recently completed study by the consultancy firm, Spark Smarter Decisions, which AgroPages had first-hand access to. The results represented an increase of 17% compared to the 2019-2020 cycle (R$26.7 billion). The expan...

Australian OGTR authorises The University of Adelaide to conduct field trial of GM wheat and barley

Posttime: 2022-02-22

The Regulator has issued licence DIR 186 to The University of Adelaide, authorising the limited and controlled release (field trial) of wheat and barley genetically modified (GM) for yield enhancement and improved abiotic stress tolerance. The Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan (RARMP) and the licence were finalised taking into account input received d...

As agrochemical prices skyrocket, so do investments in biological alternatives

Posttime: 2022-02-22

By Jack Ellis Startups developing biological inputs for crops raised just over $892 million worldwide last year, according to preliminary data from AgFunder . Thats well over double their total funding haul for the previous year indicating just how much interest in the space has grown. Please note that this is an upward revision of AgFunder figures first quo...

China’s pilot industrialization of GM soybean, GM corn in process, with apparent yield, efficiency increase

Posttime: 2022-02-14

The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently issued the Resolution on GM Biosafety Evaluation Management Measure (Draft for Comment), which will make amendments to some of provisions of previous management measures, in line with the latest GM development requirements. China is expected to start commercial GM breeding soon. In order to solve...


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