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Mexico temporarily postpones glyphosate ban until substitute found
Posttime: 2024-03-29    Author: Shandong CYNDA (Group) Co., Ltd.

Mexico is holding off imposing a ban on herbicides containing glyphosate that was set for the end of this month until a substitute can be found in order to maintain its agricultural production, the government said Tuesday.


The government added that the search for alternatives continued.


A statement from Mexico's government said that the Presidential Decree from February 2023 had set a March 31, 2024 deadline for the glyphosate ban and included the condition that alternatives had to be available.


"Since conditions haven't been reached to substitute the use of glyphosate in agriculture, interest in safeguarding the country's food security must prevail," it said.


According to the 2023 decree alternatives can include other agrochemicals considered safe for health, and weed control mechanisms that don't involve the use of herbicides.


The government cited studies stating that glyphosate has adverse effects on the health of humans and some animals.


The decree also includes a ban on genetically modified corn for human consumption, and calls for the gradual phasing out of genetically-modified corn used for animal fodder or in industrial processing. Mexico says the ban is also aimed at protecting native varieties of corn.


The U.S. has challenged the ban on GMO corn--most U.S.-grown corn is genetically modified--which it says undermines the market access agreed to in the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement, or USMCA. In August the U.S. Trade Representative's office requested a USMCA dispute settlement panel after both countries failed to reach an agreement during a period of consultations. Most of the corn grown in the U.S. is genetically modified.


According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Mexico imported $5.4 billion worth of U.S. corn last year, making it the top destination for U.S. exports of the grain.


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