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Latin American agricultural exports grew 8.5% in April

Posttime: 2020-07-20

from agropages The agricultural exports of the Latin American countries grew 8.5% in value during April in their year-on-year comparison and it is expected that in May the growing trend will continue, in a framework where the total exports of the region fell by 29.9%. Agricultural exports from 14 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean increased in doll...

Sales of bio-inputs for soybean crops increased by 31% in Brazil

Posttime: 2020-07-16

By Leonardo Gottems, Reporter for AgroPages Sales of biological inputs and biopesticides for soybean crops totaled US$200 million in the 2019-20 season, a 30% rise compared to the previous cycle, according to the sixth edition of the study, entitled, BIP Soybean Business Intelligence Panel, conducted annually by the consultancy company, Spark Smarter Decisio...

Inner Mongolia Derui Biotechnology to launch 10,000-ton thiamethoxam and 3,000-ton clothianidin project

Posttime: 2020-07-10

from AgroPages On May 2, 2020, Inner Mongolia Derui Biotechnology publicized the energy-saving review document on its website, covering the annual 10,000-ton thiamethoxam, 20,000-ton 2-chloro-5-chloromethylthiazole and 3,000-ton clothianidin technical project, which is currently moving forward speedily. Inner Mongolia Derui Biotechnology is a subsidiary of H...

US EPA Proposes Registration of Pesticide Containing New Microbial Active Ingredient

Posttime: 2020-07-03

From AgroPages The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is opening a 15-day comment period on a proposal to register a pesticide product, Vintec, that contains the new microbial active ingredient Trichoderma atroviride strain SC1 ( T. atroviride SC1). T. atroviride SC1 is a naturally occurring fungus that obtains nutrients from dead organic matter and ...

China and Pakistan share locust control measures online

Posttime: 2020-06-16

From AgroPages By Think Real - On 20 May 2020, the China-Pakistan Trade Hotline - Joint Locust Control - Cloud Salon, which was hosted by the China Economic Net and co-organized by The Express Tribune of Pakistan, was held. The Chinese plant protection experts introduced and displayed the use of plant protection UAV (= unmanned aerial vehicle) and the usage ...

China's ICAMA issues regulations on the registration of export-only pesticides to promote pesticide export

Posttime: 2020-06-12

From AgroPages On 8th June, theInstitute for the Control of Agrochemicals ofMinistry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently issued an announcement of regulation (Ref No. 269) pertaining to the registration of export-only pesticide (JD registration). Industry voices from home and abroad generally believe that this regulation will be beneficial to Chinas pe...

China’s Shandong Binzhou planning construction of high-end chemical production base, USD 141 billion revenue foreseen by 2030

Posttime: 2020-06-10

From AgroPages On 29th May, Chinese Shandongs Binzhou Municipal Government made an announcement stating that the city will build a high-end chemical production base in Binzhou, which is expected to extend and optimize Binzhous chemical industry development and promote the citys industrial value chain towards higher levels. Binzhou is the nations most importa...

Sale of agrochemicals suspended indefinitely in Argentina

Posttime: 2020-06-05

The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) changed the regulations related to access to the exchange market for the payment of imports, which is the reason for the indefinite suspension of the sales of several suppliers of plant protection and fertilizers. According to a confidential source, The main problem faced by the companies is that BCRA has pla...


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